Ella in Sri Lanka is a small laid-back town surrounded by the beautiful greens of tea. There are a lot of Destinations around Ella

Little Adam’s Peak

Stunning to be on the top of Little adam’s peak

This is a lovely tourism site within Sri Lanka, Little Adams Peak whether thinking about the phrase ‘Little’,it is named after the sacred Adams Peak (Sri Pada –where the foot print of Lord Buddha is preserved) involving the tally of the pair mountains. Therefore the mountain was called as Little Adams Peak.
“Punchi Sri Pada” is any other name because this peak. It is 1141 m into height. Little Adam’s Peak attracts much vacationers who occur after Sri Lanka. Gradually including an handy hike over after the mountain over Little Adams Peak you do consummation a worth panoramic view. You hold to walk via lush green tea plantations, waterfalls and paddy fields whilst taking part in the sceneries.

Nine Arch Bridge

Famous Nine arch Bridge, Demodara

Another world famous tourist site in Sri Lanka. The Nine Arch Bridge also called the Bridge in the Sky, is a bridge in Sri Lanka. It is one of the best examples of colonial-era railway construction in the country. The construction of the bridge is generally attribute to a local Ceylonese builder, P. K. Appuhami, in consultation with British engineers.  The chief designer and project manager of the ‘upcountry railway line of Ceylon’ project was D. J. Wimalasurendra, a distinguished Ceylonese engineer and inventor. The designer of the viaduct was Harold Cuthbert Marwood of Railway Construction Department of Ceylon Government Railway. The 1923 report titled “Construction of a Concrete Railway Viaduct in Ceylon” published by the Engineering Association of Ceylon has details of all the records including the plans and drawings

Ella Rock

Amazing views over the valleys

Ella is a younger laid lower back town as is nowadays frequented via the backpackers beyond around the world. Much about the upward jostle in current tourist boom may be associated after the reputation about ella then surrounding area. While nuwera eliaya has been a famous destintation for a long time, the much less volume of things to do made the younger or journey seeking backpacking crowd to appear for alternative destinations.

One on the pillarsone within ella is ella rock. This mountain projection has a massive consider concerning the surrounding and in the dead months concerning March then April, along less mist yet cloud cover some may want to see a tidy pain of distance beyond the pinnacle of it.

Rawana Falls

Rawana Falls

This waterfall measures approximately 25 m (82 ft) in height and cascades from an oval-shaped concave rock outcrop. During the local wet season, the waterfall turns into resemble an areca flower with withering petals. But this is not the case in the dry season, where the flow of water reduces dramatically. The falls form part of the Ravana Ella Wildlife Sanctuary, and is located 6 km (3.7 mi) away from the local railway station at Ella

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